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When would I need BRS services?

When blood or bodily fluids are left behind, a cleanup is necessary. After traumatic situations like unattended deaths, suicides, and homicides, a professional remediation company helps manage the situation and ensure that all affected areas are cleaned and disinfected properly.  Moreover, if law enforcement or a government agent recommends professional services. If you're still unsure, please call us at (888) 867-1809.


What is involved in the cleanup process? How do you verify if the area is clean?

Biohazard cleanup is an extensive service that requires a certified professional to operate industry equipment. Biohazard Removal Solutions remediation process ensures that we assess and treat all affected areas correctly the first time. BRS removes all traces of blood and biological substances; then, disinfects and deodorizes the area. 

To verify that the affected areas are free of pathogens, BRS uses ATP tests, which measures cell activity, including bloodborne pathogens. Only when our ATP test is complete and registers zero RLU (registered light units) do we verify the area as clean. 


Who are Biohazard Removal Solutions’ customers?

BRS provides hazardous and compassionate response services to families, homeowners, businesses, and communities. 

What are BRS’ biohazard cleaning service prices?

Every situation has its unique cleaning needs. Please reach out to us via our contact page for more information.


Is crime scene cleanup covered by insurance?

In most cases, homeowners and business insurance covers crime scene and trauma cleanup. However, please contact your insurance company to find out more information on your policy. If your policy does not cover your services, contact your local government. Your local office provides crime victim funds to help pay for clean-up services.


Does the coroner, police or medical examiner clean up crime scenes?

Many people in the general public believe that after a crime occurs in a home or business, that the police, medical examiner or coroner is responsible for cleaning the scene in addition to removing the body. This is untrue. They are only responsible for removing the body after an investigation to the morgue. The family or business owner is left responsible for hiring a professional company that specializes in remediation in living and work spaces so that the transmission of diseases and blood borne pathogens is eradicated. Due to the nature of these cleanups, homeowner’s insurance will usually cover costs of the clean-up. This is all based on your insurance policy, and contacting them will clarify if a homeowners policy covers clean-up costs and to what degree.


Who does crime scene cleanup services?

Crime scene cleanup services are performed by companies known as crime scene cleanup companies. Crime scene cleanup companies employ technicians which possess proper certifications, knowledge, expertise and equipment in remediation and properly cleaning a wide variety of blood and bodily fluids from various types of surfaces, locations and items.


What if I don't have insurance to cover crime scene cleanup services?

Crime Victims Fund is set up in every state of the United States. They are set up by the Office for Victims of Crimes. If your home was affected, and it was directly related to a documented crime, the Crime Victims Fund will cover or partially cover costs associated with clean up services. You can check the link below to get contact information for your local state’s office.

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